About Us

Who we are and what we do

Alaska Energy Services Limited is a company registered in Nigeria and committed to allowing clients in the Downstream and Upstream Sectors focus on their core areas of expertise while we cater for their Maintenance and technical consultancy services, heavy equipment efforts, marine support services and manpower supply and management.
Our Clients span the length and breadth of the Oil and Gas sector, Independent Power Plants, Energy, Petrochemical & Agricultural derivatives.
Our client attest to our highly etched excellence is quality delivery while keeping schedule and budget in sight. We have relevant and strategic partnerships with major support and technical experts to ensure we provide a holistic, cost saving methodology for our client’s businesses.

Who We Are

Alaska Energy is an engineering firm with specialties in pipeline construction inspection and other related services. Alaska Energy since its inception has successfully executed projects for major operating companies in the petroleum industry.

Why Choose Us

We have over the years worked with major international companies such as Shell Petroleum development company, Total Exploration & Production, Addax Petroleum and Exxon mobile

What We Do

We execute our services in the most efficient, effective and reliable way possible that cultivates a sense of pride and fulfillment in every employee while providing considerable return on investments to our stakeholders.

Not Just An Average Energy Company, We Make Beautiful Things